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Socrates Theme Review Tour-Socrates Theme Site Video

Before Socrates Theme
Prior to finding Socrates Theme, I used to do things manually in WordPress. This meant hours of work, finding the right header, Editing the Stylesheet to set up the menu, Editing the Footer and Header files to add Tracking codes and links, plus a whole lot more. It got to the point where I just stopped using WordPress and began a search for a better solution. There had to be a better way to spend my time to get an affiliate site up quickly and not spend so much time on builing the site and more time on adding quality content that all my visitors could use.

How I stumbled on to this Great Tool
I found Socrates Theme quite by accident. I was looking for a Clickbank Product that I could promote and I saw that I could promote and also one that I had some knowledge about. I sure have had a lot of experience tweaking sites in WordPress to get them working just right. So I thought that I would give it a try. I purchased the unlimited license because it was the best value. For $77 I could use it on as many sites as I want and I already had a few running on WordPress that I could easily upgrade if it turned out to live up to the Hype. It was already selling well in the Clickbank marketplace and continues to build in popularity. I had looked at other premium themes for WP but all of them were more expensive and did not have the feature set that catered to affiliate marketers, like Socrates theme had.

The Big Test
So now I had the theme in my hands,so to speak, and I was ready to give it a road test. After watching the video on the Official Site I was ready to install it and check under the hood, set it all up and take it for a spin. Ok, enough with the car analogies right ? So after spending around 15 minutes peeking around and changing settings, I had mastered the darn thing. I was pleasantly surprised on just how easy it was. If you don’t believe me just watch the video above(If you haven’t already). Please don’t take my or anyone elses word. See for your self. This site was build using the Socrates Theme and I have implemented most of the features so that you can see theme in action. They will change from time to time as I will be trying different things to further test out the theme. That is the beauty of this theme, you just log in to the admin area and change a few settings, do a little cut and paste and Voila you have a fresh looking site with current content and ads.
The Happy Ending
As with any good story, this one has a happy ending. I took a chance and it paid off-Literally-. I actually made a sale from someone clicking on the embedded Socrates link in the bottom of the page. So I am very happy with the theme and the results it has offered me. I know if is cliche but “If I can do it, So can you” You will not only have a theme that is easy to configure but also one that can make you some money. I hope you enjoy this WP premium theme as much as I do.
Click Here to go to the Official Site

Socrates Theme – What’s in the box?

The Socrates Theme is being used my many internet marketers and non-marketers alike and popularity is growing.  But there are still some folks out there that are on the fence about whether they should purchase it or not.  If you are in this category, read on.

New users of WP are often overwhelmed by the seeming complexity of the platform. While it may seem complex, it is probably the easiest Blog Platform /CMS that is freely available.  So maybe the amount of learning that is involved is preventing you from moving forward and makes you hesitant on investing any hard cash on something you are not sure you will even use.  This is a legitimate concern so we will attempt to make your decision a bit easier, by telling you what you will get when you purchase the premium WP theme, Socrates.

First lets list some to the Features

  • Custom Header Design
  • 200+Niche Headers
  • Thousands of Design combinations
  • Built in Clickbank Monetization
  • Built in Adsense support
  • Advanced SEO features
  • Integrated Affiliate Support
  • Easy Menu creator
  • Multiple Navigation menus
  • Social media and ad rotator widget
  • Background Selector

That’s a pretty hefty list of features but there is more. You’ve heard that before right?

While some packages deliver the a premium WP theme and not much else, The Socrates Theme goes the extra mile and gives you the help you need in getting started. Among the additional things you will get when you purchase are: WordPress tutorials both written and video, Internet Marketing Tutorials, More header graphics to add to the already impressive total and more added all the time, A full support forum where you can find out the answer to any questions you may have from the experts and other users. Free updates to the theme that you can easily download from the site.  These Extras should make the decision easier for anyone still on the fence.

So What does it cost, you may be asking? There are a few different pricing options.

1. Single domain $47 . This option is for the person that only has one website and does not intend on using the theme on any other site in the future.

2. Unlimited Domain License $77.  This is the most economical option since it can be used on as many websites as you own.

3. User license Packs of  10 for $197.  This option is for the website developer of “website flipper” and allows them to get licenses for clients at a reduced rate.

So there you have it.  A list of impressive features, Extras that keep on giving, Ongoing support and the ability to make back you purchase price with just a few sales. That’s right if sign up for Clickbank and someone buys through your site you get a commision of 50% or $33.58 for each sale. And that’s just Clickbank. You can also make money using adsense (if you have an account) or any other affiliate program you may belong to. Remember you can put up to two additional custom ads in the rotator.

So your choice should be clear at this point. You can stick with the free website template option or save your self lots of headaches and time and go with The Socrates Theme. The choice is yours and whichever you choose, we wish you the best of luck and Thank You for visiting our site.

Website Templates – Don’t Mess With CSS

Many users of Content Management Systems Such as WordPress™  have often stumbled when it comes to Cascading Style Sheets or CSS. The name itself invokes complexity and confusion. But fear not because the need for modifying the CSS or Stylesheet in WordPress™ is very quickly becoming a thing of the past.

CSS is a file that holds the information that tells the CMS how to display different things like H1,H2… tags, Colors of text, Links, Lists and every other element of the website that has a display setting. The main problem with understanding CSS is that it has it’s own language and a flexible structure. What this means is that a novice has a lot of difficulty determining what settings to change to achieve the desired effect without much research and learning. It is definitely advantageous to learn CSS, but it is quickly becoming unnecessary.

Some of the items are being incorporated into the CMS itself to make it easier for the user, but the even more are being incorporated into premium WP themes like the Socrates Theme. Things like the Header, Colors and Background, once the domain of CSS , are now easily handled in the administration panel of the premium WP theme.

Another frustrating aspect of using generic and free website templates, is that every designer had their own style of creating the stylesheet. Some are excellent with clear divisions using comments so you could easily navigate to the area you wanted to modify, like the header of the footer, while others are pathetic and there appears to be no structure at all with just a page full of code. While the developer probably has no problem, the novice user is left with little recourse but to hire someone or do a lot of research on the internet.

The nice thing about the current trend towards making the design elements of the premium WP themes more user friendly is that it does not prevent those accustomed to doing it the “old fashioned” way from being able to do it whichever way they are more comfortable (Old habits die hard).

Summary: With the abundance of website tempates available for free the need to make them easier to modify and customize needs to be addressed. Who wants the same design as hundreds of other users that were able to get the theme loaded but were stumped when it came to changing the header. The Socrates Theme addresses many of these needs with a slant towards the Internet Marketer, but there is no reason why any one with the desire to leave the coding to the experts can not have an easily manageable website using one of the most popular platforms on the internet today WordPress™. So if you have not done so already, go check out the video on the Socrates website and see for yourself the ease at which you can build and maintain a professional looking website, and make money with it if that is your goal.

Socrates Theme – What is Socrates Theme?

What is Socrates Theme? Before we answer that question let us start with a more basic question. What is a Theme? A theme, at it’s most basic level, is a template that is used in a Content Management System or CMS.  A theme consists of Images and Code assembled in such a way as to work with the CMS and Display a consistent appearance throughout the website. Most visitors already know the basics, but, for the sake of completeness we added some basic website design information.

Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s take a look at the Socrates Theme. Most themes that are used with WordPress™, are free and available right through the administration panel of the CMS.  The Socrates Theme, however, is what is known as a “Premium WP Theme” WP = WordPress™. A premium WP theme means that it does much more than the basics, Color, Sidebar, Widgets….etc. Most premium themes are not free, as is the case with the Socrates Theme.  And since it carries a price tag, a closer evaluation is warranted.

So just what is the value of the Socrates Theme? Let’s get to it already.:)

The first thing that sets this premium WP theme apart is that there is header support built in to the administration area, so that users can easily change anything about the header quickly and easily. Including the Headline and the Tagline.  This feature alone is probably cause enough to get the theme as many WP users would agree. The header is usually the first thing you want to change when setting up a WP site.

Next we will move to the area just below the header and see that there is an area where we can insert a banner or any type of advertising code such as Google™ Adsense.  As you are beginning to see, the Socrates theme is geared towards affiliate advertising, which is no surprise when you see that the creators Dan Nickerson and Joel Comm are both huge names in the Internet Marketing field.  If you didn’t already notice this site uses the Socrates theme so you can see what we are talking about just by looking at the front page of the website.

To the right side of the the advertising area is a “Slider” or “Widget” that cycles through social media sites and custom advertising that you can select in the administration area of WP. It comes with two predefined ads from the creators, you just enter your clickbank ID, if you have one if not just leave it blank, and two custom blocks where you can insert your own custom code to promote anything you like.

Moving on to still more features, there is support for custom colors in the theme that can be changed easily from the adminstration area of WP. You just select from one of the 6 provides styles and then you can change the colors of individual components.

The next custom area that is offered is Navigation. You can easily customize your top menu by just typing in the link and the title or if it is a page already in your site, you can just drag the page link to the appropriate area and enter a title that you want displayed in the menu. Very Easy.

So those are the main areas that we wanted to cover in this review.  If you are one of those people who like video, there is a great one on the offical site for the Socrates theme. Normally you would see a link here right ?  Well we left it out on purpose to spotlight still another feature of this theme. You can click on the ” Socrates” logo at the bottom right corner of the page and be taken right to the offical site. this feature can be disabled if you choose. You can also click on the ad in the slider widget that we mentioned earlier of the ad in the sidebar.

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